To carry on the business of land development, housing development, real estate
development, building development, apartment development, flats development,
supermarkets development, shopping complex development, housing apartment
project and housing facilities by purchasing land or disposing sale and by way of
joint venture with the land owner in the private and government sector.To
mortgage the property and assets of the Company as security for loans and to
distribute all or any of the profit or property of the company amongst the members
of the company in specie or kind but no amounting to a reduction of capital be
made without the sanction of the cour

To conduct all sort of constructions and development works comprising the
technical and structural event & any other work in like manner and the
maintenance after that as the Qualified Developer and the 1st Class Contractor at
the national and International level. To conduct constraction works, structural
developments, maintenance of structures and all sort of workings issued or
tendered by any government department, semi governmental, autonomous
bodies,local government and authorities & any private offices construction or any
such practice issused by any joint stock company (domestic, multinational &
foreign) may be either on contract or forming Joint Venture with any local or
international corporation, companyfirm or competent 1st class contractor to ensure
the supply of goods, development meterial and technical equipment,civil
engineering and all kind of engineering support.

To constracting roads, bridges, Flyover, highways, buildings of one storied,
multistoried, flats and apartment houses for residential and commercial purposes for
setting up shopping complex, super markets, residential hotels motels, restaurants,
hospitals, clinic, offices, supply of office equipment and so forth on contract or on
its own acquired land or on others land acquired by purchase or on lease for the
purpose to sell or lease or rent these severally or jointly to any person or persons
or organizations in all over Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.

To consultant of plan, design, construct, decorator, interior, install and maintain a
centrally placed modern, ideal hospital having all the latest medical facilities and
equipments with the aim to make the institution reasonably capable of managing all
kinds of medical problems inside the country and to set up various peripheral health
service centers at different places of the country with the aim to extend the
service facilities to the doorstep of the people.To carry on the business of
indenters, importers, exporters, stockiest and general order suppliers and to act as
traders, importers of any commodity, commission agents, clearing and forwarding
agents, buying and selling agents, indenting agents, stevedores, foreign brokers
and merchandise of every kind and description whether manufactured, finished or
partly finished or crude state as the company may think fit and do any other
business which shall may think profitable.

To borrow, raise, money in such manner as the company shall think fit and in
particular by the issue of debenture, stock, perpetual otherwise, charged upon all

This document is digitally signed. Please find the soft copy to verify the signature.
or any of the companies property, (both present or future) including its uncalled
capital and to mortgage pledge and hypothecate any part of its assets, rights or
other interests as security therefor and to apply the same or any part thereof for
all or any of the purposes of the compan

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